About Us

Riedenauer Education is an international Educational Consultancy and has advised students and families worldwide since 1998. Our more than 300 selected partner schools include renowned boarding schools in Great Britain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland as well as language schools for English, French, Spanish and even Chinese.

With great commitment and professional expertise, our experienced team will be happy to assist you to plan your stay abroad. The selection of programs is huge. Use our many years of experience – we will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance!


Ulrike Riedenauer

knows both the German and the Anglo-American education systems very well. She has advised parents and students on their individual international education since 1998 and during this period, she has given advice to and supported more than 2000 families in the selection of a suitable school. She is a high-school teacher and studied english and History at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. This gives her the necessary pedagogical background and is able to reliably and surely assess the academic potential of the students. Furthermore, she knows more than 150 boarding schools personally, visits them regularly and is in constant contact with the headmasters.

Furthermore, for many years, Ulrike Riedenauer and her team have advised students of the graduating classes on their university courses and future career.


Unser Team

Gabriela Hübl

as the psychological expert of our team she carries out the psychological tests of our career workshops. After graduating in educational psychology, English literature and linguistics at the LMU in Munich, she has worked as an expert for school career and career counseling .

Over the last few years, Gabriela Hübl has specialized in the analysis of talents and course guidance for high-school graduates and young students. Her experiences in testing methods to diagnose strengths and weaknesses are an ideal basis to find out the individual interests and potentials and to show possible career paths.

Dr. Hendrik Müller

is a classical philologist and historian. He studied at the University of Oxford and worked there as a lecturer.Thanks to many years of experience in Great Britain, he knows the advantages of the British school system and the better career opportunities arising from this.

In addition, Mr. Müller-Reineke has worked as a high-school teacher in Germany for many years and knows about the problems of the German school system.

Due to his diverse experiences, Hendrik Müller-Reineke works today as an independent consultant and is a popular expert for all questions concerning the issue “education and school”.

He is the father of a school-aged daughter and lives in Hamburg

Katharina Bernthaler

is an entrepreneur and PR manager and has represented Riedenauer Education in Vienna since April 2009.

As the mother of two school-aged daughters, she concentrates on the question how she may create the best educational conditions for her children. A well-founded general knowledge on the basis of humanistic values, social competence, internationality and an individual promotion of giftedness are of great importance for her.

In conversations with her clients and international business people, she experiences again and again how important international experience, multilingualism and intercultural competence are.

As these skills must already been acquired at school, early experiences abroad are essential. Ms. Bernthaler will be pleased to be at your disposal for an initial contact.