Interesting Facts on Boarding Schools

"Dear Nickie, dear Mrs Taylor, dear Mrs Riedenauer!

Julius acclimated himself by now in New Zealand and we would like to give you a quick feedback:

We are so happy that we have chosen this wonderful school for him, we can see that he will get great opportunities and chances with all the extraordinary subjects you offer - it is special and exciting and certainly something he won´t forget his whole life!

Thank you so much that you picked this gorgeous host family for him! Julius already feels so comfortable and home - it is a pleasure talking to him via Skype - he is very, very happy! He enjoys his two new brothers a lot, he loves the hikes and trips with them and Nickie and Paul!

Please let us know if there are any problems or questions.

Kind regards and many sunny greetings from Germany,
Christine & Frank F."


Hello Ms. Riedenauer, Hello Mr. Kunert, Lara‘ s trip to Antibes was a success in every respect. The first thing she told me was: "it was the best time of my life". Everything was organized perfectly, a great program and nice people. The language course was also great, she repeated a lot and learnt new things. Next year, she wants to spend THREE weeks at that same place. For my part, I want to thank you for the extremely good service! Kind regards and see you next time. Deborah S.


Dear Ms. Riedenauer,

As Malte’s father I am happy to tell you about some impressions from the viewpoint of parents. In my opinion as well as in the opinion of Malte and my wife, the interview with you in Hamburg in summer 2011 was very pleasant. (...) We visited the schools in Edinburgh and Strathallan that you had proposed and we were excited about both of them. Merchiston in particular was very impressive. The interview was rather an “interview day“. We received a plan with many individual appointments to keep. 2 exchange students from Germany were also introduced to us and we sat together with them for about 1 hour and could ask questions. Finally, we held a conversation with the headmaster Mr. Hunter which impressed me very much. The way in which he responded to Malte and showed during the conversation that he had been informed in advance about Malte’s strengths (music/sports/math) and also his weaknesses (grade point average) really impressed me. At around 2 p.m., we left the school and went back to our hotel. Malte laid down on his bed and slept until the next morning. The school year in Merchiston was a great success. Malte learnt a lot more in his “strong” subjects math and physics. The subject design & technology was really hard for him in the beginning. From a technical as well as from a linguistic point of view, this caused him a lot of difficulties and was no fun. However, this constantly changed during the year and in the end he was thrilled and proudly told us about objects he had produced himself. When we visited him in May, he introduced us to his teachers and showed us the exhibition of design & technology. We visited Malte twice. (...) The meetings with the different teachers, the email communication as well as the personal conversations with the teachers and in particular with the housemaster were phenomenal. Of course you can tell about this, however, you have to experience with what matter of course each teacher takes his time for a talk. Even if Malte was criticized this was done in a way that with each spoken word you could feel that they just wanted the best for him and that they wanted to try to further improve Malte’s skills.. We are sure that we have offered our son something very special and hope that he will benefit from these impressions for a long time. In addition to his education, Malte got to know friends from all over the world. We are sure that thereby he became very open-minded and tolerant with respect to other cultures. We really hope that some of these friendships will last for a long time. (...) Thank you very much for your efforts and the recommendation of this great school. You may offer any interested person to contact us at any time.

With kind regards Cord W.

Dear Ms. Riedenauer,
Unfortunately, Ulrich has hardly any time to write as he is very active (or becomes involved?) – but next week it is Midterm and he will come home for one week, then I will know more and will let you know. However, I can already now say that it was the best decision that we have ever made for him or that he has made for himself. For the first time since he attended primary school, the term “school“ is again something positive, satisfies his curiosity, is fun, learning is “cool”, in short: Ulrich is thrilled and happy. Apparently, it is also a pleasant environment with respect to the people – colleagues as well as teachers. I only get positive reports from his houseparent. I think that now Ulrich has finally found the right environment for him to flourish and thus to develop also intellectually.
With kind regards, Karoline S., Perchtolsdorf, Austria
Ulrich attends the Rossall School in Great Britain
Dear Ms. Riedenauer,
Just returning from Prize Day and Graduation Day from Kent, I can only repeatedly assure you how happy we are that Moritz feels that comfortable at his school! Within this school year he got to know – as far as we can judge - a new world of learning, a real challenge with immense promotion and a new world of togetherness, an event that – apart from the incomparable benefits for his language skills – will surely influence him for his whole life! Many thanks for the good recommendation. Moritz was very happy in the “Kent family“ and saying goodbye was really hard for him!
With kind regards Angelika U.
Hello Ms. Riedenauer,

My year abroad in Scotland was an unforgettable time and will be an event that I will always keep in good memory. What really surprised me during my stay was the relationship between students and teachers. All the teachers were very helpful and tried everything possible so that we would get the best possible grades.

With kind regards Kent A.

Kent attends Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh

Dear Ms. Riedenauer,
We are very pleased with our decision to enable Catherine a stay at Malvern College. She is very motivated and that influences her performances in an exceedingly positive way. For example, she got the best grade of her year in math higher level and furthermore, in all her predictions she got a 7, except for English, where she got a 6. In addition she found very nice friends and perfected her English skills. Many thanks for the recommendation.
Bettina K., Gräfelfing, Germany