Our Partner for Universities in UK and the US

Our chosen partner, apply2university, has many years’ experience working with families in Germany. Their commitment is to help students enter the best possible university at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Their approach is highly personal, working carefully with students to achieve a successful outcome for their future career: an ethos which we also share.

Marie-Louise Banning, founder of apply2university, has worked in international education for over 30 years, and was previously Principal of IB schools in Cambridge Education Group. Her team of counsellors are highly respected academics who have subject specialist knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of admissions processes in the UK and USA. ‘We are fortunate to rely on the academic expertise of counsellors who have graduated from some of the world's best universities including Oxbridge and the Ivies. Parents and students can be sure that they will receive professional support, practical help and honest advice’, says Marie-Louise.

Apply2university offers the following services which are fully explained on their website: Careers advice; Choosing a University; Guidance through application; Support on writing personal statements and essays; Interview skills and training; How to apply to Oxford/Cambridge and the Ivies.

Subjects covered at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level:

  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering
  • Medicine, Medical Science and Nursing
  • Law, Politics and International Relations
  • Mathematics and Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Media and Communications
  • Creative Arts
  • Schüler Feedback

…Overall, I felt guided, supported and encouraged throughout the entire application process and it was in a significant part due to the phenomenal cooperation with you that I was not only able to complete more applications than I thought I could, but more importantly, grow on a personal level as well. This is an experience that will support me in many areas of my life that go far beyond a mere university application. So regardless of the outcome, I have already received the best reward from the application process that cannot be taken away!’
Niklas has applied to study undergraduate engineering in the USA including MIT, Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

‘Nach kurzer und erfolgreicher Orientierungsphase unseres Sohnes in Wien hat Frau Marie-Louise Banning binnen kurzer Zeit Verbindung zu einer Vielzahl von Universitäten in Großbritannien hergestellt. Die Auswahl war begleitet von vielen Gesprächen zwischen Frau Banning und unserem Sohn, um auf seine Neigungen und Fähigkeiten einzugehen. Frau Banning hat das gesamte Aufnahmeverfahren unseres Sohnes bei der University of East Anglia/Norwich begleitet und ist auch sehr hilfreich bei der Eingewöhnung unseres Sohnes in England. Ich kann die Dienste von Frau Banning sehr empfehlen.’

Carl Croy, St. Oswald, Österreich