Interesting Facts on Boarding Schools

Planning a stay abroad is exciting for everyone and raises of course many questions:

For how long should you go abroad?
For two school years or longer....
in order to complete your school education with A-levels, a high school diploma, a leaving certificate or the IB. Perfect English skills and internationally recognized qualifications are the best preparation for a successful future!

For one school year....
in order to make your first experiences abroad and to perfect the English language; to prepare for the sixth form, to become more mature and independent, to act more structured and to further develop your personality.

For one or two terms...
in order to simply get to know a different country and a different school system; to live together with people from all over the world; and of course to learn English!

When is the perfect moment to go abroad?
The ideal time to join a school abroad very much depends on the individual national school systems. British schools, for example, do have certain entry points where they accept new students.
We are happy to advise you on the different options, depending on the planned lengths of stay and the country you want to choose.

How much does a stay at a boarding school cost?
The costs for a stay at a boarding school include lessons, accommodations and food. In addition, there are extra costs for e.g. music lessons or pocket money.

For each school year, you should calculate with the following school fees:
Great Britain: approx. € 35.000 - € 45.000
Ireland: approx. € 28,000
USA: approx. US$ 55.000 – US$ 75.000
CAN: CAN$ 70.000 – CAN$ 80.000
NZ: approx. NZ$ 50.000

And a lot more...
What application deadlines do we have to be aware of?
Are the schools easy to reach? Will my child be picked up from the airport or can it travel on his/her own?
Does my child receive any support in the English language?
Is it advisable to attend a language training in advance?
Who is responsible for the well-being of my child?
How is the food at boarding schools?
What does my child need to bring along?
How often does my child come home?
Do the students have to leave school during their vacations?
What are exeat weekends and do we need a guardian?
How do I choose the right subjects?

We would be pleased to help you to answer all your questions to prepare a stay at a boarding school as smoothly as possible..
We want you to be sure that you made the right decision!